Adding Items to Your Cart

You can add items to your cart from the results page or the more information page.

From the Results Page
From the results page, enter the Quantity for each item, then click Add Checked Items to Cart.
If you use the "Select Item" checkbox, and do not enter a quantity, the item will be added to your cart with a quantity of 1.

From the More Info Page
On the additional product information page, enter the Quantity and click Add Item to Cart.

The Shopping Cart/Checkout Page
After adding items to your cart, the page listing all the contents of your cart is displayed. Here you can change quantities, remove items or go on to checkout.
If you would like to save your cart and come back to it later, go to the top menu bar, click on My Carts then click on Save Current Cart. Click here for more information on My Carts.

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