Finding Items

There are several ways to find products on every page in the site. They are:

To see more information about a product, click on the item's description.

You can change how the results page looks by selecting to View Items as Thumbnails or as Text-only. You can change the number of items to display using the links and drop-down box at the end of the results page. You can set your default view on the My Account > My Settings page.


In the search box, you can enter keywords, item numbers, and/or manufacturer name. Click GO, and a product return page containing products that match your search terms will displayed.

By default, the search results show any products that match the first part of all keywords you enter. If you want an exact match on a specific keyword, put a "." before the keyword.

To search for a specific manufacturer, enter the name and click GO. To refine the search further, enter the manufacturers name and the product name.

A list of pages containing the results are listed in the upper right of the main body of the page.
You can click on individual pages to move through your results. The section you are viewing is listed to the left of the pages, under your location.


For fast ordering by product number, enter the product number in the Quickpad and click Go.

If you have more than 3 products, click on the word Quickpad for expanded ordering.

If you would like to use keywords or descriptions to find items, please use the Search box to the left of Quickpad.


On the left side of every page are the product categories, allowing you to browse for products. Each category has subcategories to differentiate the types of items it contains. Simply click on a subcategory, and the results page will display the products in that section or a list of additional subcategories. To move through mulitple pages of results, click on the page numbers in the upper right.

Reorder Pad

The Reorder Pad lists all of the items you have purchased within the last year (365 days, not a calendar year) for quick and easy reordering.

Narrow Your Results

If you get back too many results to be useful, try using the Narrow your results box on the results page. Enter a keyword or two about what you are looking for and click Go. Only items containing your original and new keywords will be returned.

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