Product Groups

This function should be used to group products you purchase regularly. You can also use this feature to group products by job or by job type.

To Add Items to a Product Group

  1. Find the items that you'd like to add to a product group through a search or category drill-down
  2. Check the Select Item checkbox if you have multiple items shown
  3. Click Add Checked Items to Product Group


A page listing the Product Groups you have set up will then be displayed. If you've already set up the Product Group you'd like to add items to, select it; or select Create a New Product Group and give the group a name. If you're making a new Product Group, the items you've selected will be listed below the name field. If you are adding products to an existing group, the new items will be added to the list and the whole list displayed on the next page.

Using Product Groups

Once you've selected a group or chosen to Create a New Product Group, the next page lists all the items in that group.

The buttons at the bottom of the list allow you to update the quantities of items, compare items, remove items, or add items to your current cart.

The Comments field is there for your reference and does not appear on invoices or order pages. It is useful for leaving messages for other people in your company who are using the same group. For example, "Please check if these are the right sinks for the Smith job."

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